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XAG V40 Drone without flight controller (240029)

XAG V40 Drone without flight controller (240029)

SKU: 240029

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Small Size, Big Impact

  • Revolutionary tilting twin-rotor structure
  • Featuring SuperX 4 Intelligent Control System
  • Equipped with XAG RevoSpray, RevoCast, and RealTerra
  • Bring a new level of efficiency to digital agriculture
Revolutionary Tilting Twin-rotor Structure
  • More concentrated downdraft
  • More energy-efficient
  • Higher agility

Breakthrough in Material Science and Manufacturing Technology

  • Lighter with carbon reinforced polymer
  • Tougher with integrated streamlined body
  • With multiple aerodynamic optimisations

Highly Integrated

  • Combine flight control, environmental sensing and data transmission

Precision Navigation

  • RTK navigation + 5G expansion
Ultra-high Computing Power
  • A FC chip with 20 times more computing power
Front Dynamic Radar
  • Terrain Radar


  • ID: 240029
  • Vendor: XAG
  • Category: V40 Drones
  • Quantity: 1 drone without flight controller
  • Country: China
  • Condition: New condition
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